We pride ourselves on our ability to combine data, technology and analytics to deliver robust business solutions. The following are just a handful of examples.
  • Building and implementing a customer segmentation to support differentiation of treatment and tracking of changes in the customer base over time.
  • Identifying combinations of products, or product categories, that are frequently bought together for cross-sell activity, or next best product recommendations.
  • Understanding who buys what and when to enable timely, tailored communications which may take the form of data driven automated emails or SMSes.
  • Planning and executing dynamic, direct marketing programmes that are optimized at a customer level and maximise profitability.
  • Robust and timely campaign performance tracking for direct mail, email and even some above the line activity.
  • Monitoring the lifetime value of customers recruited via different sources to enable fair evaluation of the profitability of each source.
  • Producing detailed profiles of your best customers to guide targeted acquisition activities.