The Imasro Customer Data Platform

The Imasro Customer Data Platform uses best of breed technology to provide you with a holistic and up to date view of your customer base. It consolidates data from as many data sources as required and can feed key attributes back to other platforms to enable them to target customer communications more effectively.

It also includes a suite of intuitive, browser-based tools that we configure to your specific business requirements to allow you to carry out analysis, reporting and marketing planning, plus create customer selections as bespoke or ongoing campaign feeds.

Analysis, Campaign Management and Consultancy

The Imasro Customer Data Platform is designed to enable our clients to be as self-sufficient as they wish, but this is backed up by a range of supporting services. Our experts are always happy to act as a flexible extension of your team to carry out potentially complex analysis, set up and generate ongoing reports, plan and execute campaign programmes or provide consultative advice.